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Work in Jersey, CI.

I have three new paintings available exclusively in Jersey CI. My sister Lisa has opened a new shop on the island, in St. Aubins. She is a well known and popular local Jeweller, and along with her own creative work is hostng works from other local artists, and some of my paintings.

My sister’s website is and Instagram feed – If you’d like more information regarding these pieces, do let me know, or drop Lisa an email.

Monochrome Avocado, 8×8″, Oil on panel, framed – £395
Monochrome Apple, 8×8″, Oil on panel, framed – £395
Spoon with Egg, 30x30cm / ~12×12″, Oil on panel, framed – £650

As an aside, apologies for the many emails I have yet to reply to, life has been very busy! I will get to them all eventually 🙂

Stay safe!